Bachelor (Hons) in Accounting and Finance (taught only in Greek)

A Science for Entrepreneur Managers

Course Structure

The profession you have chosen...
The activities of any business or organization present us with two different needs: the procurement of assets and the logging of every activity. The former created the science of Finance and the latter that of Accounting. One should also note that the utilization of Computers and Information Technology enables the electronic processing of financial and accounting data. The three parameters mentioned above form the basis of the ICBS curriculum. The programme is modern and effective, adopted to the contemporary requirements of the Greek market and able to cater for any future requirements.

How to succeed...
The ICBS students that follow Accounting and Finance come into contact with global market data so as to develop analysis skills and rationalization criteria. Student engagement in Information Technology, makes them a part of the modern business school of thought, teaching them how to make quick but correct decisions. They will be able to effectively handle any financial situation, from accounting to financing.

Career Prospects
The graduates of this program are able to respond to the requirements of the following, among others:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Business management consultant on financial and accounting operations
  • Researcher on business finance and accounting, financial studies executive, financial analyst at banks and financial corporations
  • Senior manager on financial analysis and financial programming
  • Accounting manager, head of financial services, chief of finance
  • Chartered accountant/tax technician

Undergraduate entry requirements

Students, interested in attending four-year programs must be graduates of a technical or a general Greek Lykeion (High School).All core reading that is required in order to engage with the learning outcomes of the programme are in Greek. In order to enhance your learning opportunities we will also recommend additional reading in English. This reading is not essential to engage with the learning outcomes of the programmes, but will enhance your experience. 

Each academic year, registration commences 1st June and ends 30rd October.

The following need to be submitted in order to register for Bachelor courses:

  • Two copies of the High School Diploma (certified by the principal or a lawyer)
  • 4 colour passport size photos (3x4,5)
  • A copy of your identification card.
  • A completed application form for a specific course of study (supplied by the secretariat.

To the students are given the possibility of suspended from military duties until they reach their 25th years of age.There is a special process for the enrollment in each of the Faculties in the College. You can visit the ICBS facilities in Thessaloniki and Athens so as to be informed in person.

By registering at ICBS, students simultaneously enrolled in the University of Winchester, which grants the student card.

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