Bachelor (Hons) in Marketing, Communications and Public Relations (taught only in Greek)

Creates Development Relations

Course Structure

The profession you have chosen...
Nowadays, sales constitute the major problem in the business world. Within a global economy, businesses find it difficult to easily and clearly communicate their message to their target customers, as on the one hand, there are lots of messages addressed to them ,and on the other hand, target customers demand explicit and ample information. The effective communication of the message, which is significant both for the company and for its products/services, and pointing out the benefit for the customer from special offers, and all these at the right time, and at the lowest cost, are some of the main subjects that students will be familiarized with and will learn to handle.

How to succeed...
To succeed in his/her mission leading the organization to thw development, a manager is necessary to be suitably educated and trained. For an effective and efficient management and a successful career, managers should have ample knowledge and be trained in both traditional sciences helping them develop all necessary capabilities (finance, accounting, statistic), and in behavioural studies providing deep understanding of the motives and actions of individuals (psychology, sociology, etc) as well as of the communications. In such an information rich environment, the development of assessing and communicative skills is of critical importance.

Career prospects
The graduates of this program are able to respond to the requirements of the following, among others:

• Manager or executive officer in advertising companies
• Manager or executive officer in the advertising department of an organization
• Manager or executive officer in a communication and Public Relations company
• Manager or executive officer in a company supporting promotion and communications (Direct Mail, call centers, printing, imaging, creative, etc.)
• Manager or executive officer in a company organizing or supporting events (catering, audio, visual, etc.)
• Senior manager in companies and organizations.


Undergraduate entry requirements

Students, interested in attending four-year programs must be graduates of a technical or a general Greek Lykeion (High School).All core reading that is required in order to engage with the learning outcomes of the programme are in Greek. In order to enhance your learning opportunities we will also recommend additional reading in English. This reading is not essential to engage with the learning outcomes of the programmes, but will enhance your experience. 

Each academic year, registration commences 1st June and ends 30rd October.

The following need to be submitted in order to register for Bachelor courses:

  • Two copies of the High School Diploma (certified by the principal or a lawyer)
  • 4 colour passport size photos (3x4,5)
  • A copy of your identification card.
  • A completed application form for a specific course of study (supplied by the secretariat.

To the students are given the possibility of suspended from military duties until they reach their 25th years of age.There is a special process for the enrollment in each of the Faculties in the College. You can visit the ICBS facilities in Thessaloniki and Athens so as to be informed in person.

By registering at ICBS, students simultaneously enrolled in the University of Winchester, which grants the student card.

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