with specialisation in Digital Transformation (taught only in Greek)

Course Structure

This innovative program prepares students to face the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation. Students will develop a digital and innovative mindset, gain new perspectives, practical tools and skills that allow them to think differently.

They will acquire knowledge that will enable them to develop new strategies, implement changes and manage innovations. Upon completion of the program participants will be able to successfully face all the challenges of the Digital Age by analyzing new business models and the impact technology has on behavior and organizational change.

Participants Profile

The program is designed for:

Leaders who wish to organize their business, in a way to make it more flexible, and innovative,

Senior Executives and executives from all business sectors who want to refresh and deepen their knowledge, seeking the knowledge required to lead in a digital world, through the development of strategic understanding, organizational wisdom, and innovation-based capabilities.

• Executives and Senior Managers who wish to deepen their understanding of the digital transformation of businesses and build their own capabilities in strategy, leadership and innovation

• Managers who see their future in the field of digitalisation and data analytis science and want to acquire the necessary knowledge,

• Data analysts, Data scientists or Experts from the technical field who want to widen their leadership skills and gain a good understanding of general Management issues along with knowledge of innovative fields such as AI, AR etc.

• Professionals who want to expand their knowledge and build their ability to innovate and translate these skills into a competitive advantage for their organization or themselves by acting as Business Consultants, Digital Transformation Consultants, etc.

The program

As an MBA student in Digital Transformation, you will:

• Study the core subjects of an MBA program such as finance, marketing and strategy, while learning about Industrial Revolution 4.0 and business intelligence,

• Learn how to use data in making strategic decisions, how to mitigate the risks of the digital age and how to drive business innovation,

• Broaden your technical and managerial knowledge, while deepening your strategic thinking skills and developing your leadership skills


Postgraduate entry requirements

- University degree or professional qualification.
- Work experience.

For the MBA work experience can at times be supplemented by education, while four years of experience as a supervisor can supplement education.

As you are already working in business, you are expected to have an appropriate level of competence in English that will enable you to access reading materials. 

Supporting Documents

  • Copies of diplomas or professional qualifications
  • 4 colour passport size photos (3x4,5)
  • A copy of your identification card
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Curriculum Vitae

By registering at ICBS, students simultaneously enrolled in the University of Winchester, which grants the student card.

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