Executive (taught only in Greek)

Course Structure

The MBA Executive is a part-time program (Friday and Saturday) completed in 2 years, the program is offered in Thessaloniki and Athens.

It includes 14 courses covering the entire range of business activities: marketing, sales, finance / accounting, production, human factor, PC, management, organization, international activity, strategic management, research and decision making. The program ends with the diploma thesis, linking all the knowledge and helping the student to practice what has been taught.

Upon successful completion of the program at ICBS Business College, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is awarded by the University of Winchester.


Postgraduate entry requirements

- University degree or professional qualification.
- Work experience.

For the MBA work experience can at times be supplemented by education, while four years of experience as a supervisor can supplement education.

In order to register for any of the above courses, one needs to apply in writing, and will be accepted on the course pending an evaluation.

As you are already working in business, you are expected to have an appropriate level of competence in English that will enable you to access reading materials. 

Supporting Documents

  • Copies of diplomas or professional qualifications
  • 4 colour passport size photos (3x4,5)
  • A copy of your identification card
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Curriculum Vitae

By registering at ICBS, students simultaneously enrolled in the University of Winchester, which grants the student card.

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